• Pulsed Lasers and LEDs

    Pulsed Lasers and LEDs

    PicoQuant's compact and reliable turn-key diode laser solutions work in picosecond pulsed, modulated, or fast-switched (nsec to μsec) operation mode. The laser systems typically consist of a common driver unit and exchangeable heads. Specialized lasers are also available as stand-alone units.

  • Photon Counting and Timing

    Photon Counting and Timing

    PicoQuant's wide range of products for photon counting includes several high-end modules for time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and event timing, single photon sensitive detectors and specialized analysis software for the evaluation of (time-resolved) fluorescence measurements.

  • Fluorescence Spectrometers

    Fluorescence Spectrometers

    PicoQuant designs and manufactures spectrometers that range from compact table-top spectrometers for teaching or daily routine work to modular high-end systems with exact timing down to a few picoseconds. Samples can be liquids in standard cuvettes, solid samples or even semiconductor wafers for in-line quality control.

  • Fluorescence Microscopes

    Image Fluorescence Microscopes

    PicoQuant offers different solutions for time-resolved confocal microscopy. The available systems include single molecule sensitive microscopes with picosecond temporal resolution and super-resolution imaging capabilities as well as upgrade kits for laser scanning microscopes of all major manufacturers that enable time-resolved applications.